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Shipping Instructions

Shipping Information

If you are unable to drop of your skull, you can ship it to us via 2 day Federal Express.  Return shipping costs will be added to your final cost.  If shipping more than one skull, please include a separate shipping form for each skull.
Please try to make sure that your item(s) will reach us within 3 days, especially during warm weather.  Try to ship on Monday to avoid any weekend shipping delays that may occur.  Make sure that the item is well frozen and double-wrapped in newspaper and sealed inside a plastic bag.  Check to insure that the item is tightly wrapped and sealed.

1.  All skulls must be prepared (hide, eyes, lower jaw, and brain removed) before shipping.
2.  Skull must be well frozen.
3.  Double-wrap the skull in newspaper to absorb any moisture.
4.  Place the wrapped skull in multiple, sealed plastic bags in order to prevent any leaks.
5.  Place the skull in a Styrofoam container or strong cardboard box.  Be sure to use packing material to secure the skull and prevent any damage that may occur during shipping.
6.  Fill out a shipping form for each skull to be cleaned.  Place it in a sealed bag along with the deposit (if necessary).  Place the sealed bag in the box with the skull.  The total package weight should not exceed 60 lbs.
7.  Write "taxidermy items" on the outside of the box.  Ship it 2 day Federal Express (no signature required) on Monday to ensure that we will receive it by Friday.
8.  Please call us prior to shipment so that we can expect and track your package.
9.  DO NOT USE SALT on skulls!
10.  Ship package to:
Matt Nelsen
1919 East 21st Street
Des Moines, Iowa 50317

  • Matt's Skull Cleaning and European Mounts is not responsible for lost or damaged items during the shipping process.
  • The customer is responsible for all shipping charges to and from Matt's Skull Cleaning and European Mounts.
  • When the item is completed, we will contact the customer to let them know the remaining balance.  The item will be shipped out immediately upon receipt of the remaining balance.

Click here for the Shipping Form.

Matt's Skull Cleaning and European Mounts
Matt Nelsen
1919 East 21st Street
Des Moines, Iowa 50317